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Tag Care Kit

Tag Care Kit

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Does your tag look worn out, tarnished, or faded? The Tag Care Kit comes with a few essentials to help restore your tag and make it look new!

Tag care kit includes:

-polish pad

-metal polishing cloth

-piece of steel wool


To clean: 

Step 1- Remove hardware. Take the piece of steel wool and rub it harsly on the metal. This will take away the tarnish and you will start to see the orginal color better.

Step 2- Use the metal polishing cloth and rub it all over the tag. To remove, srcub hard with a wash cloth for 30 seconds-1 minute. If you notice that the tag got darker, this means that the substance is not yet off the metal and you should keep rubbing. (I recommend using an old wash cloth as it will turn the cloth black)

Step 3- Take a sharpie or enamel marker and fill in the impressions. After 30 seconds wipe away with a cloth or the polish pad.

Step 4- Use the polish pad to get rid of the remaining blemishes.

Step 5- Reattach the hardware and enjoy your new shiny pet tag.